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Joachim Matz – Creator of Metellurgical Pointillism

A Revolution of the Arts!

Joachim Matz – Creator of Metellurgical Pointillism

In the past centuries the Arts have revolutionized many times over. Without doubt this applies especially to the art of painting with its many millions of enthusiasts worldwide.

Here we are considering Pointillism, a technique used in painting, developed in the later half of the 19th century by the Impressionists: tiny dots of various pure colours are applied and become blended in the viewer’s eye.

Joachim Matz, a very active, internationally known metal artist, began to search, towards the end of the last century, for ways to paint with metals on metals. He wanted to achieve something that no-one had done before. Until then, metal pictures had existed only in the form of castings, etchings, engravings or even as metal collages.

Within ten years, after countless experiments by Joachim Matz inventing a variety of new techniques and despite many setbacks and personal injuries, a sensational success took place:


Joachim Matz‘ canvas is a stainless steel plate. He ‚draws‘ the details by welding stainless steel outlines. He performs this without any eye protection, by making extraordinary use of a law of physics. He then applies the ‚colours‘ using his expert knowledge of the combination of many metals, including steel, copper, bronze, silver, gold, titanium and platinum and his skills by manipulating them to produce this amazing result.

Depending on the size of motif or painting, the number of dots varies from between 1.5 to 8.5 million. The Artist then completes his work using a brushing technique and a unique flame treatment‘, which is eye- and hand-controlled. The results of this extraordinary, world-wide unknown technique are figurative paintings of different genres with an aura of magic. This revolutionary work of Joachim Matz cannot be copied or forged; only he commands


One day the Artist’s work will stop, but he will leave a wonderful heritage.

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